A downloadable game

Fortune Seeker is a turn based roguelike with weapons, spells, scrolls, potions and gold.


ranged combat

10 spells per class

8 different enemies, can cast spells and have some different behaviors

No hunger clock, instead when taking damage a small portion of that damage is done as regeneration damage which limits max health, the only way to get back that health is to eat apples or heal.

6 potions: heal, mana, invisibility, haste, charm, and ice

6 scrolls: reveal map, teleport, enchant item, identify, purify, and magic armor

A crab merchant on every floor, to exchange gold for needed items.

This game is still in development so there is a lot of placeholder art.

Install instructions

Download & unzip the folder wherever you wish. Do not delete or move any of the files inside the folder. You can edit the texture files or use different sound files but make sure the extension ".png or .wav" is the same and the name of the file is the same.

If you are having trouble running the game download and install this file http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.as... from microsoft.


Fortune Seeker DEMO 0406.zip 6 MB